The Mystery Searchers Family Book Series Will Offer its 7th Book this Fall

The Series Continues to Thrill Wholesome Young Readers

Book series author, Barry Forbes, just announced he will release the 7th book in his Mystery Searchers Family Book Series this Fall.

Book 7 will add to the well-received (and rapidly expanding!) book collection, offering middle-grade / young adult readers “safe spaces” for solving exciting mysteries.

All the books in the Mystery Searchers Family Book Series involve no romance, sex, or cursing. Yet the high-schoolers use the latest technology—drones, GPS trackers, audio bugs, secret cameras, and more—in rollicking, fast-paced stories where they solve mysteries.

In each of the Series’ books, the central characters – a fierce foursome – dive deep into their hometown of Prescott, Arizona, with its famous, rugged locales perfect for mystery searching.

The reviews, available on Amazon and Instagram, are powerful testimonies to the successful series:

“My son (14) said this was one of the best books he’s ever read & can’t wait for the next book to arrive. He usually reads at bedtime only, but this book seemed to always be with him, reading some with every pocket of time! He said the characters were well developed, the mystery was exciting, and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.” G. M. Coppolino on Amazon

“AMAZING BOOK! My daughter is in 6th grade and she is homeschooled, she really enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommend to middle schoolers.” Rubi Pizarro on Amazon

“I have three boys 11-15 and finding a book they all like is sometimes a challenge. This series is great! My 15-year-old said, ‘I actually like it better than Hardy Boys because it tells me currents laws about technology that I didn’t know.’ My reluctant 13-year-old picked it up without any prodding and that’s not an easy feat.” Shantelshomeschool on Instagram

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Barry Forbes rolled out the series using his own imprint, but he is actively seeking a mainstream publisher to help takes the series to the marketplace.

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Author: Barry Forbes

Publicist: John D. Wagner