Barry Forbes

Meet Barry

The official bio of your mystery writer

Welcome to The Mystery Searchers Book Series! I invite you to explore the mysterious adventures of Tom and Suzanne Jackson and their best friends Kathy and Pete Brunelli. The four high schoolers dive deep into their hometown of Prescott, Arizona with its famous, rugged locales – just perfect for mystery solving.

They get a little help from technology, of course—lots of technology. Then there’s the Chief, proud father and supporter of the Jackson twins… Detective Joe Ryan, the dedicated investigator who never gives up… Heidi Hoover, plucky star reporter of The Daily Pilot… and a host of other colorful characters.

My background: Non-fiction author. Editorialist. Award-winning writer of film and video industrials for twenty years (corporate stuff.) Founder and CEO of a software company that became the North American leader in its field. (Sold it.) Always loved, loved mystery stories. I’ve brought all this experience together into The Mystery Searchers Book Series.

Going forward, you can help! if you have any comments, mystery ideas, stories, or experiences to share, I’d love to hear from you. And I’ll reply to every email.

Barry Forbes