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The Mystery Searchers Family Book Series Offers its 7th Book, Continues to Thrill Wholesome Young Readers

Mystery Searchers Family Books Offer Middle-Grade and Early YA Readers Wholesome Fun and Captivating Mystery With No Romance, Sex, or Cursing.

TEMPE, AZ, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2020 / — St. Leo Press, the self-publisher of the popular Mystery Searchers Family Book Series, just announced that Barry Forbes, the Series author, has released Series Book 7, The Getaway Lost in Time. This new title adds to Forbes’ well-received (and growing!) book collection, offering middle-grade / young adult readers “safe spaces” for solving exciting mysteries.

All the books in the Mystery Searchers Family Book Series involve no romance, sex, or cursing, yet kids use the latest technology in rollicking, fast-paced stories where they solve mysteries.

In each of the Series books, four high schoolers dive deep into their hometown of Prescott, Arizona, with its famous, rugged locales – just perfect for mystery solving – including Skull Valley, Yavapai County Courthouse, Prescott National Forest, the historic Whiskey Row, and more. They get a little help from technology, of course – lots of technology. Then there’s the Chief, proud father and supporter of two of the kid detectives; Detective Joe Ryan, the dedicated investigator who never gives up; and, Heidi Hoover, the plucky star reporter of The Daily Pilot… as well as a host of other colorful characters.

“I initially wrote these books for my grandkids. They gobbled up the books, and demanded more titles for the series. Who am I to say no to grandkids!” Barry Forbes commented.

Here’s what readers have been saying about the book!

“. . . AMAZING BOOK! My daughter is in 6th grade and she is homeschooled, she really enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommend to middle schoolers. Rubi Pizarro on Amazon

“. . . Books so engaging my teenager woke up early and stayed up late to finish the story. After the first book, he asked: Are there more in this series? We HAVE to get them!” (He even chipped in some cash to buy more books.” Sabrinakaadventures on Instagram

“. . . Wholesome and family-friendly—it’s nice to not feel like you have to pre-read these middle grade/tween books. Thanks for writing this great series!” tarzane on Instagram

“. . . I have three boys 11-15 and finding a book they all like is sometimes a challenge This series is great! My 15-year-old said, “I actually like it better than Hardy Boys because it tells me currents laws about technology that I didn’t know.” My reluctant 13-year-old picked it up without any prodding and that’s not an easy feat. Shantelshomeschool on Instagram

“. . . I stumbled across the author and his series on Instagram and had to order the first book! Fun characters, good storyline too, easy reading. Best for ages 11 and up. AZmommy2011 on Amazon

Forbes is currently working on Series Book 8 for a Spring, 2021 release.

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